Another Tournament

This Saturday I’m going to another tournament. It will be my first tournament of 2014. It’s happening a little bit later in the year than I would have liked, but sometimes life gets in the way of BJJ.

As always, I have my own set of goals that I’m working on, in addition to wanting/trying to win the gold. ┬áThis tournament has some fairly common ones:

  • Medal
  • Not lose by submission

Ideally, I’d like to not lose at all (and that’s always a goal) but I also want to be one tough dude to submit.

The other goals I have for this tournament:

  • Hit the takedown I’ve been working on
  • Win via arm-bar

Even more than that, my main goal is getting mat time in a tournament. I recently have read (and re-read) this great blog post about guys that win when it matters. So as much as I have my goals for this tournament, one larger goal is simply getting better at competing. Learning how to manage the change in adrenaline, learning how to push myself, learning to fight during the match, and not take it just like another sparring session.

So those are my goals for this weekend. I’m on weight (I’m actually quite a bit under) and have prepared as much as I can. It comes down to execution on Saturday.