Arm-bars Against Cancer

At the end of April, the gym I attend (Mid-America Martial Arts) will be doing a train-a-thon.  It’s for a local Omaha girl, Lexxus Shyann Crooks. She’s four years old and has battled cancer her whole life.

What we’ll be doing is taking our normal 5:30 classes and having the students train in an attempt to raise money. The Muay Thai folks are going to see how many kicks they can get in an hour.  Over on the BJJ (good) side of the gym, we’re going to see how many arm-bars we can do.

So, if you’re reading this and you don’t attend MAMA (or you can’t be there that night) and would like to help out. Let me know You can email me from that link, or just post a comment on here if you’d like to pledge money for every arm-bar that I do that night.



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