Seeing Training Over Time

This week someone reached out to me and asked me if there was a way to see previous year’s statistics. It was something I had always wanted, but never got around to creating. This request was enough to kick me in the pants and make me write the feature.

There’s now a link on the Statistics page that will take you to a view that shows you all your activity broken down by year.

The image below is all of my activity.

This was somewhat opening to me. The first two years (2013 & 2014) I had a combined 565 hours. Late in 2014 I got my blue belt. Since then, I have a combined 469 hours. When I saw that, it made sense. I felt like I had grown quite a bit leading up to my blue belt, and then trailed off. I’d always heard it was the blue belt blues, and it might have been, but it took me the next 2 years to match my 2014 total for BJJ.

There’s a couple reasons for this drop off.  First, in 2013 I found a hobby after years of my wife telling me that I didn’t have one. Then in 2014 she reminded me that I did have kids, and so I started to trail off my training.

Also late in 2014 I took on a side gig (with Pluralsight) and that started occupying my spare time as well.

Also, you can see an ever increasing number of judo hours (and even tried Muay Thai.) Still, my overall hours decreased.

That all explains some of the reduction of training time. It also helps me to see that while I keep training, I’m progressing slower than I was because I’m not devoting as much time as I used to.