Yearly Progress – 2017

This year I managed to get 222.5 hours of training in, which is up from last year (183 hours.)

From the numbers below, I averaged basically 3 hours of BJJ every week for the entire year, which is lower than I would have liked. I had some stuff with work and family come up that kept me away from the gym. That’s not really an excuse, as every year there are opportunities to skip the gym and opportunities to train when I didn’t.  For example, too often I decided to skip the lunch day class and stay at work.

In terms of rank, I finished where I started, a 2 stripe blue belt.  However, I can tell from the sparring that I was able to improve my guard in the past 12 months. I’ve even had a few people comment on it. It wasn’t from learning any new guards or specific moves, but rather from working in private lessons on principles. Anyone who has been around Professor Ed has heard him talk about contact, leverage and pressure. Figuring out what that means in the guard has helped immensely. I’m simultaneously disappointed that it took me so long to learn, and excited to keep growing. In fact, I’m finally starting to actually feel like a blue belt.

I tried out Muay Thai as well. I think I only trained on Tuesdays, so that means I trained for about 4 months. I enjoyed the class, even if Kelsey constantly made fun of me, but my true love is still grappling.

Along those lines, I managed to hit a judo class almost every week for the year. Even when I was out of town, I got to visit Welcome Mat in Kansas City and had a great time training there.  Additionally, I competed in my first judo tournament, the Cornhusker state games. I placed 3rd, winning my first match by Ippon before losing by arm-bar and then by o soto gari. I ended the year passing my sanku (brown belt) test.

The one number I’m slightly disappointed in is total hours for BJJ. I was really hoping to hit 1000 total hours this year, but I came up 23.5 hours short. Baring some catastrophe, I’ll hit that early this year.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.18.13 AM

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  1. Is it possible to see my yearly total for previous years without adding each month individually? For example I can see my all time total for “Gi Jiu jitsu” and my yearly total, but is it possible to see last years total?
    Or is it possible to export the data into excel or something?

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