Goals Change

One month from today I’ll be competing in my next tournament, and the first one since getting my blue belt. As I was driving today, I started thinking about it and I had a bit of nerves, like right before I step out on the mat.

As I started thinking about it, I was reminded of the fact when I started I didn’t even know there were tournaments. Now I compete, and try to win. I have yet to win a tournament, but that’s still a goal every time I step out on the mat.

Looking back two years ago, my reason for training BJJ was that it looked fun. And it is fun. But now a lot of times I’ll find myself training with an eye towards competing at a tournament.  That’s not always a good goal, because what would happen if I were to get injured, or for some other reason be unable to compete?  I think I’d still enjoy BJJ, even if I couldn’t compete.

However, I was glad for the reminder that my goals have changed recently. Because it gives me a chance to review & remind myself why I’m training. Chances are, I will never be a world champion, and if I tie my motivation to tournament success, I’m more likely to get discouraged.