It’s All In The Hips

Something I have noticed over the past 4-6 months of technique class is the number of times someone talks about the hips. In some weird half-guard and want to get to mount? Make sure your hips are higher than his. Want to do a sweep? Make sure your hips are higher than his. Trying to pass closed guard? Make sure your hips are moving forward.

I’ve heard it several times, too many to count, and every time it seemed to make sense. I never once thought “Nah, that won’t work” but at the same time I didn’t put much effort in to making sure I had higher hips.

Then this week in sparring I noticed how effective it was. There were a few times that I was in a bottom half-guard position, not really in a position to do any sweep I’d seen in class. Then I think “I need to get my hips higher.” On one occasion, as I got them up and bumped in to my opponent, the sweep was rather easy, and took almost no effort.

Another time we were in a weird scramble and by getting my hips up higher I was able to move into mount.

I think it’s something I’m going to focus on more.