A Reminder on My Progress

As I wrote last night, I took basically a week off of all training due to a head cold that came on. Tonight I went back to technique class. As we were doing the drills I could tell staying for sparring would be a bad idea. So I showed some maturity and left before sparring class. Better that, than sticking around just because I wanted to spar, and wind up sick again tomorrow.

But that’s not the progress I noticed. Instead, it was my general health. Looking back on my memories of my first day, it was all I could do to get through the warm-up and class. However, today, after a few days with a cold, and junk in my chest, I was able to get through class with minimal effort.  I definitely felt it in my chest, and I know I was breathing harder than normal, but no where near as hard as I was breathing during my first class.