You don’t get this with a treadmill

The new year is a time when a lot of people resolve to get to the gym or eat better or any number of other things. That’s not really my style, in fact, I’d more likely resolve to stay out of the gym in January than to go in January, but that’s just my personality.  

True to form, I’ve noticed some new folks at the gym over the past month (perhaps they got an early jump on their resolutions.) It’s great. I always like seeing new people at the gym, it’s encouraging to think about MAMA growing.

But one thing you’ll get at Mid-America that you won’t get at Lifetime or 24 Hour Fitness or Gold’s Gym is the family atmosphere. Thursday night in sparring class I went against a couple people that I’d never sparred against, and a couple that I’ve gone against more than once.

After a couple matches I had guys tell me that I was doing good. And it wasn’t a generic “good job.” But specific things, for example, “you did everything right in defending that armbar.”  Towards the end of the night I had one more experienced guy beat me, then put me in his shoes and showed me the steps he took to beat me, and let me do them to him.  Finally, at the end of the night, one of the blue belts told me “It’s very clear that you’re paying attention in class and trying to apply what’s being taught there. I can see an improvement.”

I don’t know if that guy would even recognize his comment if he saw it above, but it meant something to me. At times I feel like I’m picking things up or moving in the right direction, but having that confirmed from someone else is a big boost.

And that’s one thing I really love about Mid-America. I’ve yet to meet anyone there who doesn’t try and help all of his or her teammates improve and reach their personal best. That doesn’t happen at big name gyms where people just want to put on their headphones and run on the treadmil without anyone bothering them.