The Longest Weekend

Labor Day 2012 was the longest weekend of my year. On the 29th, I went to my normal Wednesday night class. Still sore from the Monday one, although not to the point where sitting with perfect posture mattered.  As we wrapped up class on the 29th, our teacher informed us that with Monday being Labor Day the gym would be closed, and so there would be no beginner class.

My first thought was “Good, that will give me a few more days to rest and recover.” At this point, my usual routine was go to class Wednesday, spend Thursday being glad I had the chance to recover. Then usually on Saturday  I’d think “Ok, so after tomorrow, I go to work and then get to go back to class.” But this Saturday I realized that wasn’t the case.  I’d have to wait 4 more days before I could go back.

It was strange, really. I was missing the opportunity to pay someone to beat me up. Somehow, I survived and when I got back to the gym on Wednesday I found out there were several other people who felt the same way. They were glad the gym was closed, but at the same time they really missed training.  That attitude has been prevalent throughout my time there. I’ve never gotten the feeling that people are there because they think they have to be. Everyone seems to really enjoy it.